26 June 2011

The Configuration of Life.

Pictures of my biking day, one fine Saturday back in March 2011.

Along Costa Verde, Lima.

Along the cliffs, San Isidro-Lima.

15 minutes break for "Raspadilla", sweet flavoured ice.

"Jalea Mixta" or fried seafood for 15 Soles in Chorrilos!

Here I am. Stumble upon my own search of the meaning "challenging myself of doing something far beyond what I might have expected in the past".

I recently writing a lot about future, paraphrase my definition of some mysterious paths after the 'now' time frame. Looking for, define, asking back, silently confused by too many options in the world. This is a permanent state. Nothing well-explicated.

Why I am asking too many times about the meaning of life if I have never start embracing the real life itself?
I feel so hard to let myself facing out something other than what's inside my comfort zone. 


This universe is funny. It makes us forget about the imagination of the end of the day. Too fun to be missed, this world offers too many things we can't say no to. Life is over-rated now. 

Where to go now? Ambitions-dreams-challenges or... facing another reality?


Life is mysteriously funny and exciting at once. Enjoy! :)

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