27 July 2008


Maybe, right now, i'm absolutely call myself as a scholarship hunter.
That's not some kind of jokes, but yes, nowadays i keep thinking and can't stop myself from being busy with "scholarship-browsing-activity". It's getting like becoming my new habit.
For some reason, maybe i won't share any informations that i've got from some sources on internet. But then i think, that's not right! I have to give other people a great news that i have about scholarships.
Since i'm a Law Students in Gadjah Mada University, so, the informations that i'll post here in my blog, it's basically between Law School and it's scholarships.
Have a great day!


Happy Browsing, Folks!

19 July 2008

Why America? Why?

I love to imagine, one day, i could probably become one of many Indonesian people who succesfully arrive and graduate my master degree from Yale University or even Harvard Law School. I don't know why, but these two university, kinda have some magical things, when i search it out on world wide web or internet. For example, in many various kind of Hollywood movies, the find the historical things or any other reason which mentioning 'why is Yale? Or Why Harvard? What's their best things?'

And suddenly, i read this novel, written by Erich Segal, "THE CLASS".
In this book, i found out the life of 5 Harvard students, whose life's are very challenging and makes me wonder more about the life of these people.
Mr. Segal with his background as one of Latin Study Lecturer in Harvard, describe a lot of Harvard things, and makes me accidentaly falling in love with it.
The situation of the campus, the life of it all there, the environment, and also the struggling life which make all of them feels the up and down pattern of life.

Moreover, i finish it with spirit to look up the Harvard thing on internet, browsing about 5 hours or more, discuss about my dream with my father, and also imagining my own turn IF GOD GIVES ME ONE OF THAT LUCKY CHARM *Hope so*.

So my basic question now is, Why America? Why must be America campus?
Why not the other Indonesia's best leading campus such as University of Indonesia (UI)? Now i'm in Gadjah Mada University, majoring Law.

But i don't know why, there are some feelings inside my head, which forces me to trying so hard, struggling much more and more and more, to finally arrive in Harvard University -one day - soon.

I don't want to lose my time with a lot of useless things, but i know that's so hard to realize in one clicking hand. I must be strong, full of commitment, and full of spirit.

Because there's nothing is impossible -Adidas ad.