23 February 2011

Intimidating Your (MY) Mind About Next Step

I'm taking a break for a while from foreseeing prodigious 'autocracy to democracy revolutions" euphoria around the middle east, into here... my self, or even farther, my inner space. Politics sucks (for now) hahaha!

It's always exciting plus electrifying for 20 something 22 years old human like me, to questioning life and it's inhabitants. But it is also frightening at some point, when I look carefully around my closest circle of friends, how time flies extravagantly fast and leaving me here with my own deliberation and self doubtfulness. Seems like everybody already know what they really want in life, while I'm wasting (is it?) juncture with dubiousness.

I've been to several places, met various kind of people with different backgrounds (but still long way to go to be named world explorer though), and I loooovee travelling! (Who dont? Stupid).