Hello! My name is Ayunda Afifa and I am the creator of Paradigmafifa. This has been my place to go to share my thoughts about many things since June 2008 (I cant believe it's been that long!) Unfortunately, I had never really given my best shot towards this blog, so you can see there's been long gaps between one post to anothers :(

But as I grow, I believe that writing, sharing and learning together with others are the best way to evaluate and improve ourselves. I want this to be a place for every woman who wants to be better and (most importantly) brave enough to aim higher.

I pledge to myself that Paradigmafifa will not be a blog about me, but a blog written by me about woman and a quest for love and inspiring things around us.


Hmm. The hardest one. Most of the time, I dont know how to introduce myself (mostly because I dont think I'm interesting enough), but here are words which I think best to describe me:

#1. Voracious reader

Since I was a child, I've been always interested in many things at once. I once told my parents that I wanted to become a diplomat, then I changed it into a writer, and also a human rights activist (yes you read it right). But whatever the label I used towards my idea of 'me in the future,' one thing has never change: I read and read and read about many things and get inspired lots of the times. 

#2.  Curious mind

I can't tell you the very first time I fell in love with the internet, but the point that I always remember about the world wide web is how it enable me to fulfill my thirst about the world, its history and where it will take us into (future). My career choices after law school was somehow show how I just could not settle into one firm place upon another. 

I was learning a thing or two about development work in Peru, South America, worked with the Ministry of National Development Planning in Jakarta, occasionally participated with local politician who was working on village regulations, became a legal counsel for e-commerce startup based in Jakarta, before headed back to school (graduate study on international humanitarian action) at the University of Groningen (Netherland).

In general, I am a learner and that was the reason why I created Paradigmafifa at a first place: My sanctuary to write my perspective upon interesting issues in life. I wanted to share in order to learn from what other people think about the topics. 

I use English and Bahasa Indonesia for this blog. 

If you want to see how bad my writing skill was and how I've been passionately learn about it every step of the way, please take a look at my first post (this will only take 1 minute (or less) to read) and then roll over my other old posts and judge me by then :)

I believe life is the most interesting playground for all of us to learn, make mistake and learn to be better. If you ask me: What is Paradigmafifa? In short: a playground for woman's quest towards life, love, and inspiration to strive. 

I hope you'll enjoy reading this day by day :)

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