05 April 2009


Maybe it sounds funny and ridiculous for some of you guys, but since i was 10 or something, i've falled in love with politics. The only major that i've wanted the most (when the final high school test was over) in my life is "POLITICS" in University of Indonesia - Jakarta. But God decided NO for me at that place, so here i am now: LAW STUDENT.

The basic reason why i still keep on dreaming about becoming one of those politician, is because: They rule the government! It's not about ur major, and also not only about ur academic records, but in my perception it based on your capabilities in negotiating and spreading the influence to other people. It's so obvious, high quality politicians on earth now is a kind of human who succesfully mantain his/her own emotion, so then they can manage others.

It's not as easy as i thought before, in fact, when i was in Harvard World MUN 2009 a week ago, it was so hard to equalize all perspectives into one resolution. And it needs 5 days for that.

So once again, POLITICS is an art. It's a part of the intellectuality that not many people have, and that's why it's very special. I wish i could learn more about it.. I have to.

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