23 February 2011

Intimidating Your (MY) Mind About Next Step

I'm taking a break for a while from foreseeing prodigious 'autocracy to democracy revolutions" euphoria around the middle east, into here... my self, or even farther, my inner space. Politics sucks (for now) hahaha!

It's always exciting plus electrifying for 20 something 22 years old human like me, to questioning life and it's inhabitants. But it is also frightening at some point, when I look carefully around my closest circle of friends, how time flies extravagantly fast and leaving me here with my own deliberation and self doubtfulness. Seems like everybody already know what they really want in life, while I'm wasting (is it?) juncture with dubiousness.

I've been to several places, met various kind of people with different backgrounds (but still long way to go to be named world explorer though), and I loooovee travelling! (Who dont? Stupid).

The thing about travelling, I find people with similar excitements about how most of them are looking for ways to going out from their normal-boring life, with travelling, the diversities exploration. Soon after they're running out of money or real life's waiting (job.. family.. boyfriend/girlfriend.. et cetera), they're going back home, back into normality

Hitting the road with map full of your pen's circles, doing hitchhiking throughout Europe or Latin America, climbing the rocks with friends you met in local bar, getting drunk-half naked-swim in the nearest river without being blame of doing that,  are some of precious (and silly) reasons why I told myself one day: Afie, the best job in the world is being a tourist!!! 

But can I travel everytime I want? Buying my flight ticket to Istanbul, going hiking in beautiful Cappadocia, cruising the Aegean sea from Izmir area and arrive in Santorini, tasting the real greek salad and it's world famously known yoghurt. Take cheap flight to Budapest and join Eastern Europe Cyclists to go cycling through Danube River and other parts of the region. Sounds.... oh my I wanna do these! Life will happen once, isn't it?

Back into reality, back into the same topic : MONEY.

I need money
We all need money


Travelling = Wasting money (?)

I tell this to myself: When money become my number one measurement, then, dont travel. 

Stay still. 

Lose the opportunity of finding out how big world is, how many people I can tell about my life and how much they tell me back about theirs. Trying to talk in local language, realizing how rich this universe with beautiful languages that I never heard before. Buying stuffs with local currency, understanding the real meaning of currency wars (especially I'm from Indonesia with Rupiah as my everyday currency - haha), and moreover, the lesson that I can learn from travelling is still counting....

Going back to my 9 to 5 normal life, getting money in the end of the month, spend it unwisely, getting poor again 5 until 10 days after, and doing the same things everyday... and everyday.. until I feel blocked and bordered from one priceless thing called happiness. 

BLAH! I hope I can win STA  World Traveller Internship and going around from one place to another for free! Painting my days with new and new people, being a connector of them :)

So, being a worker, or being a traveller?

That's not a question to be answered, that's the philosophy for me. 'Work hard and play hard' principle will only make me foolishly unhappy at some points, how 'hard' you want it to be? There will always no limit for playing around, of course. 

I think, I'm becoming more pragmatist lately, I believe I will never know what I really want if I never find it by myself, that's the point. Let me intimidating my mind with this thing.. to work or to travel.. or just like Samantha Brown did.. work while travelling.

"Be not the slave of your own past. Plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep and swim far, so you shall come back with self-respect, with new power, with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old." (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

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