27 June 2011

The Buddhist Monk's Quote

Sunday, 3:08pm.

Another gloomy day in Lima and it seriously has turned my mood up's and down lately. Aggh.

I have story to tell. Almost one month ago, I met for the very first time with Annie Driscoll, a girl from DC. We met in Ayacucho airport before we took the small bus to go to Alcamenca district for our social works together.

Annie came and in a very short time we became friend and talked about many things. Within 2 weeks, I recognized her as one of the most positive person on earth because of her attitudes, the way she looks on life, and she also helped me to think from different perspectives about many things. She simply left very nice impressions on me about her and I hope everything will always good with her and her family in DC.

When she came, she brought a book written by Jacqueline Novogratz-the founder of Acumen Fund, titled "The Blue Sweater". It took me only several days to finish the book and one word to say after I completed it was: AWESOME.

Novogratz's life is something that probably many young people would be willing to trade off with. Travelled to Africa, became a representative of international organization, been here-there-and everywhere, worked with locals and learned the language, and the most special thing was: She had the time of her life. She made the most of her journeys.

When I read the book, my mind flew into Kenyan mountains, imagined myself live there and embracing the totally different daily life in the wild continent. Oh you are so lucky, Novogratz!

Among her travels and stories, Novogratz also tells the readers about several prominent people she met in her life, including the Buddhist monk named Maha Ghosananda. She quoted him on page 129 of the book:

"If you move through the world only with your intellect, then you walk on only one leg. If you move through the world only with your compassion, then you walk on only one leg. But if you move through the world with both intellect and compassion, then you have wisdom."

I re-read this quote again and again when I was still in Alcamenca. One time, I was sitting on the third floor of our house in the village, around 6 am when the town was still asleep. All I can see at that moment was the sun came up to shine the world with hopes and blessfully accompany human and inhabitants. Nothing but was me, the book, and the sun. Peacefully beautiful moment.

I asked myself: What are you looking in life? Academic titles to make people believe that you are intellect? Fulfill the never ending ambitions and named it as compassions? How is it gonna be ended, then?

Thanks to Annie for the book, thanks to Jacqueline for the beautifully well written experiences, and thanks also to the Buddhist monk, Maha Ghosananda.

You-We-All of us always learn from anything-anyone-anywhere-anytime, nothing to regret. This time, I learned from these three people about different things. 

Who says life is not beautiful when you have too many things to learn?

......even with too little time :)

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