10 November 2008

AMERICA, OBAMA, and Imperialism.

Actually, i'm kinda boring and wanna say it out loud: ENOUGH FOR US ELECTION!

Because, the press attention was soo freaking me out! This is US Election, not World Election! So what the HE** on earth makes everyone around keep their head busy on this issue?

Okay, i know, THIS IS AMERICA, FOLKS. America, the country where the Declaration of Independence was held, and the country where 43 other presidents before Obama was ruling the world with their policies.

For the most controvercial example might be the one and only: GEORGE W. BUSH.
Why him?

I was born in 1988, so when i was finally reaching the 20 years old, the age where my brain has finally fully enough to learn politics in a good shape, George Bush is the president (still, after 8 years of hell) of America.

And thanks to Mr. BULLY BUSH, my country is a full of obligation-kind-of country. His government offers a lot of agreement, which actually inside the sweet words above the letter of the agreement, the point is: They lend some money, and wanna have it back with other form.

We know that Indonesia, my country, is a big country, consists of so many island with a zillion resources inside them all. Thank God that America has a brain, so then they come to my country, made an agreement, hoping that my government will accept it *silly* and then live happily ever after by sticking with Indonesia's resources.

They have nothing in their own land, so that's why they keep on trying to make a big war with too much reasons, so that they can build the new imperialism on other people's country!!

I hope, by the November 4th election, BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA will prove to the world, that his mouth isn't lie about his own promises.
That he is factly has the ability to change this world by his policies.

Let see..

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