29 January 2009

Being Indonesian...

I was sitting in my sister's room and currently looking at my laptop to find out my Legal Committee-guide (i was preparing myself to attend The Harvard WorldMUN 2009 in The Hague, this March).
At that same time, i was thinking deeply about:

1. Will i be proud of my nationalist when i'm in The Hague? I meant, when i (finally) be there, what will i do regarding asking the 'where do you come from' question? Will i proudly explain 'them' about my Indonesia?

Yea, now, this morning, i'm thinking about it again and again. It's more that just think "What would i wear during the conferences there". Because it's all about your dignity, Afie! About the country where u was born, the place where u call "HOME".

Am i proud of being an Indonesian?
YES. Totally. For Goodsake.

Hmm, maybe it's quite cliche for some of you, but let me tell u the truth here:
If it isn't us, the real Indonesian, so who will? Right now, too many problems facing this country. From uncertainty economic situation, a very low human right enforcement (especially in Munir case), a soon-to-be chaos political ambience, and one thing: Poverty.

Yes, i'm so proud of being an Indonesian, because we have it all here. Although the Dutch ancestors have made our ancestors suffer for 3 decades and half, but right now we are stronger than ever! *at least i trust this point of view*

My biq question ehich pop into my mind this year is: Hey, where are the YOUTH SPIRITS which suppose to be some mass campaign in this country? Where are the 19-25 peoples? Where are they?

The fact is: They're actually here, around me and around you all too. But they dont give even a damn care to 'what this country should do' things, because they've got influenced by the Western lifestyle which consists of: Fashion and all those things.

But can't you stablize it? You can be a stylish person and a very caring person too!
You can get some extra credit for that, you know..
So why dont you start from now?
1.Buy your own Indonesia's products;
2.Do not shame to use and promote Indonesia's cultural product;
3.Say it outloud out there wherever you are: I'M AN INDONESIAN!!

Because if not us, who will then?

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