17 May 2011

Zooey Deschanel's Letter to Vogue

This is... Interesting. 

Well, fashion and beauty world is not my things, hahaha. But found a piece of Zooey Deschanel's letter to Vogue Magazine back when the actress/independent label singer still 17 years old, I'm surprised.

I never become a huge fan of certain actor/actrees/singer/band/ whoever they are as labelled as public figures in entertainment world, but reading this short bold statement-letter from someone who earn life from beauty products dominancy like Zooey, I'm now questioning: So actress like Zooey does not agree with the typical stupidity that Anna Wintour's magazine always try to 'teach' to teenagers and women in the world named 'Perfect Beauty' (?)

Pale and white skin, those 'flying legs' people can see during the runways, straight hair, bla bla bla....

If she really meant every words she wrote, so I should say that I give my two thumbs up for this (500) Days of Summer actress. I hope her lattest ad with Rimmel UK (which many people believe involving lots of photo shop works due to the perfection of her beauty face in the picture) will not limit the spectrum of beauty, just like what she told Vogue in her letter:

"As American women, we dont need discouragement, but inspiration." Well noted, Anna Wintour? :)

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