14 April 2011

What Happen To This World?

What happen to this world? 

Scarcity is everywhere.

Poverty is a word for Africa.

Education become a commodity.

Economy are more into getting profit than profitable share equality.

What happen to this world?

Civil and tribal wars are daily show in TV.

Climate change seen as a part of business opportunity.

Indigenous people live under poverty.

Burberry, Gucci, and LV's ad campaigns costs more than daily income for 1000 Haitians.

What happen to this world?

Ivy League become a label for educated and fortunate student.

Under developed countries receive financial aid with 70% goes to the local governments.

Humanitarian intervention is a new social vehicles for North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Peace in diversity is just a part of lullaby.

What happen to this world?

Nobody's answering.

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