15 June 2011

Between Me and Humalla's Thought

For you in Indonesia or in any other part of the world outside Peru, this is Ollanta Humala, Peru's President-to-be who will take the seat as Alan Garcia's successor on July 28th 2011.

Now in this post I won't talk much about him (ideologically or politically), but I just wanna quoting one of his statement which I found in BBC's article.

"I dont believe in turning the problems of Latin America into ideological battles. We've been through that and it ended in bloody civil wars."

I am not quite sure which political ideology this man will go through with for the next 5 years term presidency. But one thing I truly agree is: Spending time debating each other about which ideology is the rightest one, is just wasting time and.. energy. 

In Indonesia context, probably it is more into putting religiosity as a public debate. Why? What for? Which one is right and which one is wrong? How do we know which one is right and which one is wrong?

Again, quoting Humalla: Ideological battles will be ended in bloody civil wars.

I hope people in Indonesia will be smart enough to stop this massive fiasco. Build the country by enriching people, not killing them ideologically. People have their rights to choose: To believe or not to believe any religion at all. 

Being a Moslem, Christian, Protestant, Catholic, Hinduism, Buddhist, Ahmadiyya, Scientific, Kaballah, whatever it is. Respect. 


Speaking about ideology, speaking about freedom.
Freedom or... civil wars (in the end).

Ohh.. I love you Humalla (hahaha) :)

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