14 April 2011

What Happen To This World?

What happen to this world? 

Scarcity is everywhere.

Poverty is a word for Africa.

Education become a commodity.

Economy are more into getting profit than profitable share equality.

What happen to this world?

Civil and tribal wars are daily show in TV.

Climate change seen as a part of business opportunity.

Indigenous people live under poverty.

Burberry, Gucci, and LV's ad campaigns costs more than daily income for 1000 Haitians.

What happen to this world?

Ivy League become a label for educated and fortunate student.

Under developed countries receive financial aid with 70% goes to the local governments.

Humanitarian intervention is a new social vehicles for North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Peace in diversity is just a part of lullaby.

What happen to this world?

Nobody's answering.

13 April 2011

Persepsi Mengenai Keberadaan "Ley 1492" di Kolombia

Berhentilah memandang Kolombia (hanya) sebagai pasar narkotika dunia meskipun The Revolutionary  Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) masih terus berjaya lewat penyelundupan kokain di negara ini. Setelah Juan Pablo Montoya kehilangan kedigdayaannya di arena balap formula satu, kini muncul cara baru untuk memandang negara yang terletak di bagian utara kawasan regional Amerika Selatan ini, yakni lewat Undang-undang Ketenagakerjaan yang disahkan oleh Kongres Kolombia pada akhir Desember tahun 2010 silam.

Undang-undang Ketenagakerjaan yang dinamakan "Ley 1492" atau "la ley de formalizaciĆ³n y generaciĆ³n de empleo" ini merupakan bentuk terobosan baru yang dihasilkan pemerintahan Presiden terpilih pada Agustus 2010 lalu, Juan Manuel Santos Calderon (Mantan Menteri Perdagangan Asing, mantan Menteri Keuangan, dan sekaligus mantan Menteri Pertahanan dan Keamanan Kolombia dalam beberapa periode kepresidenan Alvaro Uribe).

Tujuan utama dari pengesahan Ley 1492 adalah untuk mengeliminir penyebaran jumlah pengangguran usia muda (15 hingga 24 tahun) di Kolombia yang pada tahun 2010 mencapai angka  persentase sebesar 24%. 

05 April 2011

5 Months in Peru : Am I Still a Tourist?

Long break of my blogging time, first of all : SO SORRY, COMMITMENT! I've been involved in several projects here in Lima, either work things or independent ones with my friend (we are developing youth empowerment project here in Peru, wish us luck!), so... here I am back to the virtual productivity! :)

I can't believe, 8 (eight) days from now, is gonna be my 5th months in Lima! I've been 5 months away from home, taking care everything from my head to toe by myself, be a good friend of Lima local buses (I'm so proud of myself for this! Haha!), got myself attached with Pollo ala Brasa, reggaeton music, local cafes, street festivals, and more lovely things I found in Lima. The point is, I found myself have fallen in love with this city, I'm becoming more Peruvian than I ever expected! Haha!

Whether it's because I have Peruvian friend (he's so lovely by the way-hihi) or not, lately I'm realizing the fact that it is hard for me to accept: I am a tourist, not local, still. It's not a selfish yet arrogant statement from an expatriate who currently residing abroad and try to persistently act as a foreigner (hell noooo, that's not what I meant). But from what I've heard, as long as I can't talk in local language, eat local foods, and live 100% my life like local people do, so I'm still labelled as a tourist.